When we support a girl,

we invest in the future of the whole community

Girls Can Lead fights gender inequality by equipping young women with basic leadership skills. We support girls who have limited access towards soft skills education & train students to be their own community leaders.

How We Work

We ensure every participant our programs has the core necessities to be a changemaker:


Learning about their rights and responsibilities as an individual and a member of a community.



Understanding oneself and how to find success in the world, personally and professionally.


Knowing how to work with others & drive change in the community.

Why Women?

49.9% of Indonesia’s current population are female. However, their representation in both public and private sector are still limited. We believe representation means power and voice over issues that close to our hearts, such as maternal health, sexual harassment, gender pay gap, and many more. Thus, we hope to have more women, especially the young one, to be aware of their role in defining the outcome of such issues.

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